The Bai Euskarari certificate is the tool whereby companies, shops and all types of entities show what is being done in the standardised use of Basque.

Hundreds of companies, shops and all types of entities have already obtained and use the Bai Euskarari certificate. Through the certificate, Ziurtagiriaren Elkartea recognises those entities that are aware of the fact that serving their clients in Basque and offering quality services makes them more competitive.
Its main objective is to recognise the effort and commitment of entities. For this reason, it provides them with a symbol that constitutes public recognition of their efforts.

The certificate recognises the value of Basque in the workplace, inasmuch as Basque has benefits for business: it adds value to their services, makes them more competitive, meets demand with professionalism, gives the impression of confidence and closeness, increases motivation, commitment and satisfaction among personnel, strengthens the social commitment of the business, improves its image, makes it more credible in the eyes of the client, and so on. In conclusion, Basque is a strategic and innovative commitment for any entity.

Adapting to the market

The key to success lies in the ability of businesses to adapt to the reality of the market and society in general. Demand for Basque is a reality in our market. Hence, the Bai Euskarari certificate is proof of an entity's competitiveness, professionalism and commitment.

The potential market for Basque is growing by the day; therefore, businesses must be able to offer this value. Businesses that obtain the certificate will demonstrate their ability to respond to this demand.

Social responsibility

Entities with a good command of Basque give their clients an impression of confidence. Businesses that demonstrate their commitment to society and their sense of responsibility to social issues portray a clean image and earn the credibility of their clients and employees.

Bai Euskarari Ziurtagiria