Data Protection Basic Information
Controller Bai Euskarari Elkartea (G20948915)
Objectives Promoting Basque in different spaces of socio-economic fields; responding to the consulates and requests provided; sending informational or commercial communications related to community services; conducting analysis of the management and use of websites.
Legitimization The need for data treatment for service, legal interest and specific authorization (the main principles of legitimization)
Comunications Participation in some initiatives involves publishing the identification data and image of the person concerned.
Rights You may contact the Association for the exercise of your data protection rights at: Martin Ugalde Kultur Park, 2014 Andoain (Gipuzkoa), electronic mail:; telephone: 943 59 21 48

1. Of the Atari

In compliance with the Personal Protection Act 2016/679 (EU) Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 016 establishing rules relating to the protection of physical persons and the free movement of such data ("RGPD") and the 3/2018 organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data and Digital Rights ("LOPDGDD”). Users should be informed that, given personal data through electronic mail or any other means, will be included in the treatment systems of the Bai Euskarari Elkartea (hereinafter known as the "association" or "Controller" - G20948915).

2. Lawfulness of Processing

The legal basis for the treatment of your data, under the law of the Protection of Personal Data, shall be covered by the contract for the delivery of requested services (such as when applying for our services or navigating our website) they are to fulfil the legal duties of the Controller (such as communications to public authorities) and the legal interest of the Controller (such as sending information that may be of your own interest).

Both the Euskarari Association is committed to the privacy and protection of the personal data of users, and it uses all available resources to ensure the safety and privacy of those concerned.

3. To collect personal data

Bai Euskarari Association does not ask the user to provide personal data to access its website, but it will be indispensable for the association to continue its various tasks (online and offline).

The Controller shall appropriately collect personal data, in accordance with the objectives, utilities, services, and/or preparations provided on its website, in a specific, explicit, and legitimate manner, which shall not in any way be used to compromise the means of fraud, unjust, unlawful, or the legitimate rights of users.

The user will freely and voluntarily deliver his data. Bai Euskarari Association will only ask for the personal information required to receive the service requested by the user. The user who incorporates any type of content (data, text, video, sound, photos, graphics, messages or other material) on this website must declare and ensure that it does so in accordance with the conditions and existing law set out here.

The user who adds the personal data of the third party must indicate that they have permission from those individuals to publish the data. If Bai Euskarari Association provides any service that is aimed at minors, it will seek permission from legal parents or guardians for the collection, treatment, and, in its case, data communication.

It shall be the responsibility and need of the user to ensure the accuracy, integrity and authenticity of the given data and, where appropriate, to update this data. Bai Euskarari Association will not take responsibility for this. The user himself will be responsible for the damage caused to the data he provides.

If information is to be sent through this website, it is essential that the following privacy policy, the cookie policy and the general conditions of the website be expressly adopted.

4. The objects of the treatment of data

Bai Euskarari Association must collect data (online and offline) to carry out various tasks. The purposes of these collections are:

  • Partners

    If you are a partner or request to be a partner, we would like to inform you that the data given will be treated by Bai Euskarari Association. The objectives of this treatment are to manage your relationship with Bai Euskarari Association, to respond to the consulates and requests received, to contact you using a variety of resources (electronic or ordinary mail, telephone, immediate dispatch applications, etc.); to send information that the association considers useful and to provide information about the activities of Bai Euskarari Association and to carry out all the legitimate functions of Bai Euskarari Association.

  • Users/suppliers/interfaces

    Both if you have contacted Bai Euskarari Association using the website's formularies or through other means, Bai Euskarari Association informs you that your data will be treated with the following objectives: to manage your contributions as an interested person, to contact you, to manage your application and to perform the relevant functions of the Association. They will also be used to send information that may be of your interest. When registered by the person concerned, it authorizes Bai Euskarari Association to manage its data.

  • Participants in initiatives

    If you participate in initiatives organized by Bai Euskarari Association (awards, forums, activities, etc.), we inform you that the data you provide will be treated by Bai Euskarari Association, to contact the interested person, to provide the requested service in the appropriate way, to send you information that may be of your interest, and to perform all the relevant functions of Bai Euskarari Association. The person who is interested in enumerating allows Bai Euskarari Association to manage its data under the conditions mentioned above.

  • Curriculum

    If you have sent us a curriculum through Bai Euskarari Association website, by ordinary mail, electronic mail, or other means, you authorize the Association to store your data in the Association treatment system. Your data will be used for the selection processes that the association can undertake. Also, your data can be communicated to a third company that can be hired by Bai Euskarari Association to make the selection process.

5. Links to social media and the web channels

This website can provide links to social media and to external websites and web channels. Bai Euskarari Association does not take responsibility for these sites. We suggest to the user who enters the social media and external websites and web-channels that are located on this website that are primarily or deliberately subject to the terms of use, privacy policies, the policies of the cookie and other social and/or regulatory networks and websites, never to Bai Euskarari Association.

6. The presence of Bai Euskarari Association in the Social Media

Bai Euskarari Association have profiles in different Social networks, with the primary goal of expanding services and activities associated with the Association or its activities. The publications offered through these channels will be orientable.

The user's profile on social media, when registered on the profiles of the Association, allows the Association to verify their personal data in accordance with this Priority Policy.

User information and personal data voluntarily provided through social networks can be used by Bai Euskarari Association to contact the user, to respond to consultations and requests made by the user, to send information and communications related to the association or its activities, and to manage competitions, invitations and similar activities. It shall also be used to recognize the views or validation of the user about Bai Euskarari Society and its publications, and to manage the presence of Bai Euskarari Association on social media.

Users are informed that information and content that is published through the social networks of Bai Euskarari Association (data, texts, videos, sound, photos, graphics, messages or other material) may be available to other social media users (including personal data, if appropriate). The user who uses the third person's personal data must require permission to treat them. Since the user profile of each social network is formatted, the user can configure the information he wants to make public in each case, see, delete or deactivate the licenses he has issued, and manage his publications according to his criteria and the rules for using each social network.

It shall comply with the existing legislation, the privacy policies and the rules of use established by social media, and the privacy policies of the Association. The only person responsible for this will be the user. Bai Euskarari Association takes no responsibility for the publications that each user is responsible for. Bai Euskarari Association shall, with one difference and without warning, abolish any content that violates existing legislation, customs and established privacy policies, or considers them inappropriate doesn't mean there's any connection to them.

Bai Euskarari Association reserves for itself the right not to respond to messages or comments received by this means. Bai Euskarari Association may modify or delete editions sent on their social media sites at any time and without warning.

Bai Euskarari Association can follow profiles on certain social media sites, but that doesn't mean there's any connection to them.

Bai Euskarari Association reserves for itself the right not to respond to messages or comments received by this means. The Association may modify or delete editions sent on their social media sites at any time and without warning.

When you're a fan or when you press "I like" on social media, you admit to treating your personal data about the privacy policy of the social network; 2) acquiring data provided by the Association on your contact list; 3) displaying the news and promotions published by the association in your notifications and notifications.

7. Rights of those concerned

You can access your data, correct it, remove it, limit treatment, oppose treatment and portability, and deny your permission and make any other request on this subject. For this purpose, you will have to send a written address to the Controller: Martin Ugalde Kultur Park, 2014 Andoain (Gipuzkoa) telephone: 943 59 21 48 or electronic address.

The application shall be accompanied by a copy of an I.D. If you make the request as a representative, you must send not only a copy of the I.D., but also a certificate of that representation.

If you disagree with the request's decision or wish to file a claim, you may appeal to the competent control authority, in this case, the Data Protection Office (

8. Security measures

Bai Euskarari Association shall adopt the technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the safety of the data in its treatment systems and to prevent its loss or unauthorized use. In fact, given the technological situation, the nature of the data collected, and the risks they may pose, whether caused by human activity or by physical or natural surroundings. To this end, it will take into account the existing legislation protecting personal data. However, it will be clear to users that computer security measures are not irresistible, and that unlawful intervention or intervention may result, but they would not be responsible to Bai Euskarari Association.

The user must inform the Controller as soon as possible if it is determined that any incidences, security violations, or non-necessary sabot have existed. It can use the phone number 943 59 21 48 or electronic address.

9. Validity

Bai Euskarari Association reserves for itself the right to change its policy of privacy, because Controller has changed its criteria, and because it has changed its laws or jurisdictions. Bai Euskarari Association makes any changes, the new text will be published on the same website, and the user will notice it immediately. However, at the time the user enters the website, the rules provided for will regulate the relationship between users. Therefore, Bai Euskarari Association advises you to regularly enter this privacy policy.

10. Jurisdiction

Whether the relationship arising between Bai Euskarari Association and the user shall be governed by the provision in force concerning the law and the jurisdiction of which it is applicable. However, if the regulation provides that the parties must submit to a jurisdiction, Bai Euskarari Association and the user, having expressly refused all other relevant powers, shall be subject to the courts of Donostia San Sebastian.

If the user fails to comply with these conditions or misuses the content displayed on the website, Bai Euskarari Association will adopt civil and criminal measures (including economic) to punish these non-compliance.