Bai Euskarari certificate – in retail and hospitality

The Basque language certificate that will be used by stores and hospitality services. This will also have the three levels described above:  'Zerbitzua eta Lana euskaraz' (service and work in Basque), 'Zerbitzua euskaraz' (service in Basque) and 'Bidean' (on the right path).

Bai Euskarari -Sarean- certificate (online)

The 'Bai Euskarari -Sarean-' certificate is designed to showcase the stores and platforms that offer their products and services in the Basque language. It is a well-known fact that nowadays we spend a significant part of our time online and both our daily life and work life have gone digital. Therefore, Bai Euskarari Elkartea also wants to offer online resources and assistance for living and working in the Basque language.

This specific certification for the online world has two levels: 'Euskararen Bidean -Sarean-' and 'Zerbitzua euskaraz -Sarean-'; digital platforms will be awarded one or the other, depending on the presence and use of the Basque language. Additionally, with Bai Euskarari Elkartea’s help, they will have the opportunity to design and chart a path to improve and benefit from a wide variety of resources and advisory services.

Two main aspects will be taken into account when assessing the level of Basque: firstly, regarding the corporate image, we will assess whether the information and content of the websites are in the Basque language. Secondly, we will examine the use of the Basque language in written and verbal external communication related to the website.